Damn You, Microsoft Word. Damn You

I hate Microsoft bashing. I really do, but I’m on the verge of breaking my desktop apart with a baseball bat. Well, except that’s too much of a cliché. And we don’t play baseball in Israel. And I would probably hurt myself more than my computer. But still. Very annoyed.

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Come to linux. Why are you even using windows to begin with, aren't you a developer?

Again, workplace conventions are that documentations are in Word. I'm actually due to start developing on a Linux VM, but some of the documentation will still be in Word (not happy about it as you can tell).
I never use Word if I can avoid it.

Right-click on the launch shortcut and add /n after the path. This will open each instance of Word in a separate process and modal dialogs will not affect the other documents. the downsides of this approach are (1) you will need to launch Word another instance of Word instead of use the File > Open from the toolbar/ribbon and (2) Word launches empty (i.e., no default document ready to type in).

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I would think that after 20 years of controlling the market they would get their act together.

Get a new workplace. Seriously.

I'm in the military, so... not an option right now.

not so sure why are there people who are using ms word in 2012, yet, I am glad I came about as I just discovered lyx and the sudo apt-get install lyx I Just typed have made my day ;-)

Yup. And if you do find a bug, there isn't a viable way to report it to Microsoft.

There are other editors that handle the ms word format.

Can you elaborate on that?

SoftEngeneering using Word? hahaha
You can use open-office, nobody use "word" today.

Did you try to go to the 'Window' menu and click on 'New Window'?

It's so easy to belittle anything without taking the effort to find a solution, isn't it?