Gathering the Comments of the Web

My recent post about the else keyword in Python was a tremendous success (relative to my other posts), reaching 20,000+ unique visitors within about 24 hours. It was especially successful in Reddit’s /r/programming, where it got over 400 total upvotes and 130 comments. However, in the post’s own Disqus thread, there were only 3 comments (one of them was mine). Now, I get that people like to comment in the community where they came from - Reddit folks want to comment on the Reddit thread, HackerNews people want to mingle among themselves, people want to post their comments as twitter responds, etc., but as a blogger, I want people coming in from anywhere to see that there are 100+ comments on my post.

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Great idea :) The main advantage of a unified comment system would be of course to the readers: they could enjoy all the discussions that evolved following the post, no matter the origin.