Reddit Thinks I'm a Spammer

When I published my post about else statements in Python, I got lots of comments and a score of over 400 on (okay, I realize I’m “bragging” again, but this actually is a part of the story). My several following posts got measly viewership although I posted them on reddit as well. I was surprised to discover they weren’t showing up on the New page at all. I thought I just wasn’t seeing it for some reason, but now I contacted a moderator and, well, here it is:

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Something very similar happened to me with my videogame site, and so I decided to just stop visiting Reddit altogether. Life's been better without it anyway. Hacker News FTW.

I think it's a mistake to use HN as your primary source of tech news. While there is sometimes quality discussions on some HN threads I think it's important to point out that HN is not in the business of impartial debate or discussion. HN front page is actively moderated to carefully massage the tone and feel of the discusson.

Personal opinion but I absolutely hate people who only share things about themselves on Facebook and always block people's update on my News Feed for the same reason. They only promote themselves, their blog posts, retweets of what others say, news story about something that happened to them... Its egotistical and annoying. I prefer those who share great news in general. Occasionally mixing in their own stuff is fine. But when thats ALL they do, its annoying.

I think Facebook is completely different from reddit/hackernews, since it's a social website where you only interact with you friends. There, anyone can filter their feed anyway they like. Reddit, however, is based on "what's interesting". I think that if people enjoy what I post and upvote it, my intentions* don't matter at all.

* I should note that there are no ads in my blog, so I have to monetary intentions here.

If you're only posting links to your own site, I can see why they flagged you.