Setting Up LyX with Hebrew Support

So you want to use Hebrew with LyX under Windows. Pfffh! A lot of articles, tutorials, support groups and suicide letters are out there on the web for the sole purpose - writing Hebrew in LyX just right. And not only that, but using English when needed as well, without completely screwing up your paper. After having gone through most of them, more or less (including a few months in anger management) I found all of them to be defective in one way or another (or at least, they did not work for me), I spent a few hours playing with the setting and it worked. I can now safely retire.

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Thanks! for your instructions made lyx work with hebrew, but it doesn't let me transfer it to PDF. Do you have further tips?

Hi Gal,
Glad I could help!

What's the error you're getting when you try to render a PDF? Anyway, you'll probably get more professional help at but you can also contact me personally at

Just checked, Pressing CTRL+M in fact does not automatically switches the language to English.
I mean, inside the "math area" yeah its only english, but the line goes RTL and the area around the "math area" goes Hebrew-only
After pressing F10 (after completing your guide)
my lyx shows at the bottom of the screen:
"Unknown function"
and now hebrew is the default whenever I create a new "math area" :(

Do you know though, how to be able to mix two different languages in the same line
and still be able to render the lyx to a pdf?

tried to render this one liner document:
"asdfsadf שדגכשדגכ"
got this error message (after completing your guide):
\part*{asdfsadf שדגכשדגכ}
Your command was ignored.
Type I <command> <return> to replace it with another command,
or <return> to continue without it.

another thing - do you kow how to write text in a RTL language, then make the line itself LTR?
these are basic features that most documents edits have nowadays and lyx that exists since the 90s still lacks.

by the way, I think I have the latest lyx available, and your tutorial is a little bit deprecated on the names:
for example in 6., there is no longer "Default Language"

but good tutorial!
If my entire document would be in one language, attempting to save and render it as a pdf
finally works flawlessly!

@michael_koren:disqus I haven't used LyX for a few years now, but back in the day, following this guide precisely achieved the result stated above. If it still doesn't work, I suggest clearing your settings and trying again - other than that I really can't help :(