Stop Missing Out on Your Own Ideas

Ideas and thoughts strike us throughout the day. Capturing the important ones (writing them down, either physically or digitally) helps retain inspiration, generate insights and increase focus.

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Would love to here how obsidian fits in your gtd workflow and how you use it.


Obsidian and GTD (currently trying out Todoist after a few years of MyLifeOrganized) aren’t really coupled in my process. I have inboxes in both and I try to capture thoughts into the appropriate inbox (tasks in Todoist and everything else in Obsidian). However, to reduce friction, if I’m not sure which bucket to use, I just default to Todoist since:

  1. In my day-to-day, it’s more important to not lose tasks than writing ideas, and
  2. My Todoist input method (Android widget) has lower friction.

I use Obsidian daily to capture thoughts, think and write. Both at work and at home. And of course, this blog post is an edited version of a few separate notes about capturing thoughts (as you can see from the Obsidian graph screenshots).

Thanks :+1::+1:That really helps me