The Chubby Programmer Diet Part III - Eating

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We need to start with the end in mind. We are dieting to lose weight, so we need to decide on a target weight and a target date. I suggest avoiding “weight loss sprints” and trying to improve slowly over time. For my weight loss goal, I wanted to weigh 72kg which meant a loss of 8.6kg (from a start weight of 80.6kg). I gave myself 8 months for this goal. This is roughly 1kg/month. It’s possible to lose weight at greater speeds, but it’s also very likely to fail and not be able to catch up, if you set a faster weight loss expectation. A slow pace means you can fail and still get back up on track instead of giving up.

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My final two cents is that you should treat your body and behavior like any engineering problem - understand who designed this piece of crap and try to continuously blame them. :laughing:

They will then tell you that you’re using it wrong. You’re supposed to hunt and gather, no sit around playing video games