The Pass-Once Bug

Docstring convention is one my pet peeves. My view is that if you need to pick some arbitrary convention, might as well pick an official one. In that spirit, I’m an advocate of PEP257, the official Python docstring convention guide. Much like PEP8, I said to myself “surely there’d be a script to enforce it and report on errors”. Lo and behold – GreenSteam/pep257.

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I'm increasingly convinced that .pyc files aren't worth it. Let's all just start putting

in /etc/profile and forget .pyc files ever existed.

The files are not compiled again (to '.pyc') if the source code ('.py' file) is not changed. This increases the speed with which your Python program loads which essentially means that the '.pyc' files have some value.

Neat story! Sounds like a pretty awful bug, I can see why it took you a while. =)