Tool Report: 2020 (COVID-19 Edition)

In the style of CGP Grey, I decided to create a report of the tools I use today. This list serves both as an insight into how I live my life and as a good place to refer to whenever I’m asked about certain tools. I’m also hoping that in a few years from now, I’ll check back on this list and reflect on the changes to my life and work styles.

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How do you manage your finances? I have been reading your posts regarding daily life organization and I really appreciate. By the way, Mercurial is dying and regarding IDE, VS Code is winning.

Hi Ahmad,

First, it’s really nice to hear my productivity posts are hitting home with someone. Sometimes I get the feel people only come here for some Python :slight_smile:

Regarding finances - I don’t have anything special to manage day-to-day finances (e.g., budget etc.) I use an app called Feezback for getting notifications for bank charges and checking my bank statements. I do have somewhat of a complex bank account system with my wife, and there’s a post in my draft folder that goes over that :slight_smile:

I rarely use Mercurial anymore, I just find its API better than Git’s. PyCharm is still a winner in my book.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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I’d agree with few of your tools [Pixel 3, Github, Sublime Text, Netflix, Play Music]
For finances, I find Personal Capital as 1 stop shop aggregator for all my investments, assets, etc. Not sure if it’s available world-wide.
Thanks for sharing MLO. I haven’t tried before might give it a go. I use a mix of Google Keep, Google Tasks, Todoist and Mac Notes app for organizing my tasks though I haven’t stuck with 1 and keep swapping & changing.